Website Changes

In August of 2011 was put on the world wide web.  It's hard to think that now, four years plus, we are in the beginning steps of revamping and updating that very website.  It seems like yesterday that we were looking for pictures, writing product descriptions, and taping videos to promote the various fenders. While we have updated periodically with pictures and various descriptions, now it is time for the big update to fit the needs of today's technology.  We're excited that we will have a new look and the fact that mobile devices will be able to order directly from our website. 

However, one thing that will not change is AKUA's primary goal: to protect your boat. The new aluminum boats with their exquisite graphics need as much protection from scratches, scuffs, and dents as the smooth glassy fiberglass boats.  We want every boat owner to protect their investment before damage occurs.  It's a fun conversation when a new boat owner calls and wants to get the fender that will be the right fit for their new boat.  

The second thing that will not change is AKUA's commitment to customer service.  We are very proud of the fact that every order is shipped less than 2 days after the order is received.  We also give personal service and advice for the boater who is not sure of which fender will best fit their needs. We want the boat owner to be 100% satisfied with our product. 

While the appearance of our website will be changed, rest assured that the product quality, service, and attention to detail will remain the same. 


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