Christmas 1968

Enough boating stories for this year.  It's December and time to turn our attention to the holidays.  This is the time of year to reflect on all of the things we have to be thankful for. 

I remember one year in particular--1968.  In 1968 I had just gotten married and was a student at the University of Missouri.  My new wife was working to help me through school.  We had one old car and lived in a  small apartment across town from the MU campus.  I walked home from class every night around 5:30.  It was dark and cold as I walked through downtown Columbia. This was before the shopping mall era, and downtown was the main shopping area.

The thing that I  remember and can still hear was the Christmas music pealing from the church bell tower.  I listened as I walked and really felt the spirit of Christmas.  We had very little money for Christmas gifts so I wasn't looking in the windows for presents or wondering about Black Friday.  I was overwhelmed by the sound of the Christmas music.

I look back now and try to pick out my favorite Christmas and figure out why it was the best.  And, I keep going back to the year 1968 and the sound of the Christmas music.  With all the hype that precedes Christmas now, I wonder if we take the time to really enjoy the holiday.  One thing I might suggest--take the time to enjoy your family and listen to the music.

Have a merry Christmas and happy holiday.

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