Twenty Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today.  1995.  Twenty years ago today I came up with the idea for my first marine product.  It was a bow guard for run-about boats.  How times have changed when it comes to getting a product on the market.  When I started the development process, computer usage was not as common place as it is now.  Back then the word was, "Check the Thomas Register," not "Just Google it" or "Search the Internet."    Most of the research I did was by telephone.  People took the time to answer and to talk.  It was not easy to view the parts I wanted to use as my component parts, but manufacturers would gladly send me samples.  Even pareents were difficult to research--generally you had to hire an attorney to do a patent search.  Now you can fine out online.  Looking back, I think its' easier to "streamline" the time it takes, but I'm not sure if it is easier than it was twenty years ago.  Getting a new product on the market is not easy--now or twenty years ago.  Thanks for your support of AKUA Marine Products.

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