Fishing, Families, and the Future

I was going through my old supply of magazines, keeping some, tossing others, and perusing as I went. Two magazines went into the save pile when I realized that the two articles that I liked were by the same author: Robert Montgomery from Bass Times. (For more of his writings go to October 2015 has the article "....stokes kids' fishing fire" (I don't know the first word in the title-the corner was torn off!) and January 2016 has the article "Fishing helps families strengthen bonds". And those two articles reminded me of an article about the importance of encouraging young fishermen and fisherwomen for the future of the fishing industry itself in Fishing Retailer. (I couldn't find my copy.) By encouraging fishing we accomplish so much.

A person that deserves mention in encouraging young people in the fishing arena is Shane Wilson. Shane created Fishing's Future in 2007 to help in the sport fishing area and also to better the lives of families. "I founded Fishing's Future to save the family by creating an avenue for parents to engage their children via an educational angling experience," says Shane. More fishing, more fishing license and equipment sales, better health and wellness: save the sport and care for the environment. Is there a better combination?
In Missouri the Department of Conservation sponsers Discover Nature. Their programs are for young people interested in fishing but also other areas of the out-of-doors. Giving children opportunities in nature's arena is one of the best ways to strengthen family bonds and to foster new areas of interest. Competitive fishing is also on the rise for youth. High school, colleges, and universities are sponsoring bass fishing teams that provide wonderful experiences. By encouraging our young people we also perpetuate the sport of fishing and the future of the fishing industry.

So, head for the lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds (when the ice melts!). Should I also add ocean? Take a youngster with you and both of you will enjoy the bounty that nature has to offer.

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