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It's April, Time to De-Winterize!

It's April and the boat shows are over.  In my last blog I wrote about the weather and how bad this winter had been.  Well, the weather was so bad at the St.Louis Boat Show that I had to leave on Saturday night to try and get ahead of the pending storm.  Ice hit as we were driving I-70 to Columbia.  The next week Nameoki Village Marine invited me to their open house and the weather was still bad, spitting snow, enough to keep people away.  April 1 was always the time to de-winterize your boat in Missouri.  Not this year.  It's raining and hail today on April 3.  Seems like winter will not let go to spring.  Oh well, enough about the weather....

I was very pleased with the turn-out at the St. Louis Show, especially on Saturday.  I was also very pleased with the customer interaction.  I had several people who had purchased my boat fenders last year come over to tell me how much they liked our fenders.  This is what being in business is all about--satisfied customers.  I know you have to make money in business to survive, but I truly like to hear from satisfied customers.  That is what keeps me going.  Mitch Workman, who helped me work the Boat Show, worked another booth with G-3 Boats.  He sold every pontoon fender we took.  Mitch said he enjoyed the customer interaction and response. 

I have just up-dated my web site with new pictures of my products and introduced three new products.  My web site designer, Ben Seidel, of Igniting Business, does a great job and also has convinced me to advertise on FaceBook.  This is all new to me, and we seem to be well received based on the number of "likes" we are getting. 

Another thing happened to my pleasant surprise.  BassTimes  featured my bass boat fender along with other fishing products in their April edition.  This is great for product exposure.  Well, that's about all that's going with AKUA Marine Products.  Wish it was time to de-winterize!