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Made in the USA

The last "part" to be attached to an AKUA boat fender is the "Made in the USA" decal. And, of that, I am most proud.  "Made in the USA" is something I look for when shopping for a product--now more than I used to.  To me it means quality and support of manufacturers in the USA.  At this time, it is difficult to find a product that can make that claim even though the criteria that must be met to be able to say "Made in the USA" is that the "Made in the USA" product components comprise only 60-70% of the total components. I am proud to say that the  AKUA Marine fender is made in the USA with USA made components.

Let me tell you about our manufacturing procedure:

1.)  AKUA fenders are molded of high density polyethelene. The molding is done in New Jersey.

2.)  The closed cell foam with adhesive backing used to pad the fender is from Minnesota.

3.)  Suction cups are made in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. I have tested suction cups manufactured in China.  The suction cups from Pennsylvania hold better on your boat.

4.)  The primer used to ensure the adhesive quality of the closed cell foam is made by 3-M in Minnesota. This extra step attaches the foam permanently.

5.)  All of the plastic hardware is made in Flippin, Arkansas--right down the road from where they build Ranger and Triton boats.

6.)  The final component is a braided poly rope purchased from a distributor in Chicago. I suspect that the braiding is done in Mexico, but have not found any outlet that will guarantee me braided rope done exclusively in the United States.

All of the components are carefully assembled in Columbia, Missouri. I inspect every fender that leaves the manufacturing facility. I am proud to say that when the fenders are shipped out that the quality is top-notch. Because of the rope, I will not claim 100% "Made in the USA", but I will say 97%.  "Made in the USA" on the AKUA fender truly means what it says.