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While You Wait for Boating Season...

Well, December is over, and 2012 has begun.  I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.  Now that is is all over, it's like hitting a wall.  All the "pomp and circumstance" and then boom, it's gone.  January and February are generally cold, snowy, and cloudy in my part of the country.  Some people can't handle this combination; and, if they have enough money, even after Christmas expenses, they go south to wait out the winter.  Unfortunately, I cannot do this.  Here are things I do to stay sane during these long bleak months.

  • Boat shows:  If you can't go boating, this is about as close to that as possible.  You can look at new boats and dream of spring.
  • Read BassTimes or other fishing magazines.  You can gather all the ways the pros catch fish and check out the new gear.
  • Go outside as much as the weather will allow.  I get "cabin fever" sitting and watching tv.  One thing I do every winter is get my firewood cut and split for the next year.  I cut my wood as green as possible and let it season for at least 9 months.  I have a gas wood splitter, but sometimes I use a splitting maul on the easy pieces for exercise.
  • Sharpen your tools and knives.  I got a new sharpener for Christmas and have already got a list of friends and relatives who want their knives sharpened.
  • Refinish furniture.  I enjoy redoing furniture as long as someone isn't standing looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do.
  • Auctions--we live in an area that has auctions going on all year long.  They have consignment and family auctions under roof so it is out of the weather. You don't need to buy anything--just look--and there is always somebody to talk to.

These are the things I enjoy which sure help me get through the winter months.  You can always do what the  experts say --exercise and push back from the table, but I would just as soon do it my way.  Have fun.